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Mango Festival
Motor Banca
Dinagyang and Mango Festival


My cultural background is Filipino . I was born here in Canada but both of my parents are from Philippines. Tagalog is the language they speak at home, I can also speak  few tagalog words and I can understand the language.My mommy said that the  Philippines consist of 7107 islands   and  its a tropical weather. We visit our grandparents 3 years ago and spent Christmas with them . They live in the island and we ride a boat called ‘Motor Banca” just to get to the island. We went fishing because my grandparents house is near the beach . I saw a water buffalo like animal called ” Carabao”  who helps the farmer to plow in the rice field. People use “Jeepney” as their public transportation. They celebrate Mango and Dinagyang Festival, people wear costume, go on a parade and dancing on the street. We saw tons of mangoes and it was so sweet and yummy. My fave filipino dish is Chicken Adobo. I would love to go back to see Philiipines  and know more about my Filipino culture.


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  1. Hi Jeremiah,

    Thank you for writing all about your family. This is excellent work with lots of details in your writing. I hope you get to visit the Philippines again, Jeremiah.

    Mr. Preshaw

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