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My Culture

Mango Festival
Motor Banca
Dinagyang and Mango Festival


My cultural background is Filipino . I was born here in Canada but both of my parents are from Philippines. Tagalog is the language they speak at home, I can also speak  few tagalog words and I can understand the language.My mommy said that the  Philippines consist of 7107 islands   and  its a tropical weather. We visit our grandparents 3 years ago and spent Christmas with them . They live in the island and we ride a boat called ‘Motor Banca” just to get to the island. We went fishing because my grandparents house is near the beach . I saw a water buffalo like animal called ” Carabao”  who helps the farmer to plow in the rice field. People use “Jeepney” as their public transportation. They celebrate Mango and Dinagyang Festival, people wear costume, go on a parade and dancing on the street. We saw tons of mangoes and it was so sweet and yummy. My fave filipino dish is Chicken Adobo. I would love to go back to see Philiipines  and know more about my Filipino culture.


Three things I’m good at.

Three things I’m good at…

I’m good at drawing because I always want to draw and practice whenever I am bored and nothing to do. I love to draw sea animals and minecraft people.

I’m good at monkey bar because I practice and practice since I’m in my kindergarten  thats why Im good at it now.

I’m good at jumping rope .  My mom bought me a jumping rope then I practice and practice with my sister and now I learned lots of tricks . We also play together with my friends and I can do  30 to 60 jumps .

Time Machine

If I have a time machine I would love to travel back to the dinosaur time. I love to see them during the time they are all alive. I will pet them, ride on them  and take a picture of them. I will feed a bee hummingbird  the smallest Dinosaur. I would love to see the T-Rex in real life how big it is  and learn how did dinosaurs live. I will play and run on a green field with all the dinosaurs around me.

My Favorite Animals

I like raccoon because they are useful to nature,They spread seeds of plants wherever they go. I have seen few raccoons outside our house  looking for some food in the garbage bin. I like Koala because they are huggable and cute like a tiny bear. Koalas can be found in Australia and many of them died in forest fire it makes me sad . I like Toucas because of the colorful feather they have and the large sharp and brightly color beak.

What do I see outside from my window.

What do I see  outside from my window? I see beautiful flowers that my mom and my sister  planted in our garden. I see birds flying and hear them chirping. It is a nice sunny weather today, I heard a police car or maybe a firetruck sound I could’nt see it because of the tall hedges tree that grow in our front yard fence. I can see our neighbors garden beside our house , they also have beautiful flowers .

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


Mother’s day is very special for me because I can make something special for my mom to thank her for everything. I love her because she makes me yummy food, she helps me do my work,  and always takes care of me.  We started our celebration on Saturday, we and my family went to the beach, we caught crabs, clams, starfish and pick up some shells and nice rocks . We got see slug and saw shrimps. Me, my sister and little brother made a card for our mom and prepared yummy food for dinner and bought her favorite flowers . When mom got home she was surprised  and very happy to see everything we prepared for. We always wants to make our mom happy because we love her.

Geometric Solid

Today I learn about the 3D Geometric Shape, I like these shapes  because Im using them in my drawing and it fun color 3D shapes.


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